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  • Homeowners’ Tip: Removing Bathtub/Shower Soap Scum

    Homeowners’ Tip:

    Removing Bathtub and Shower Soap Scum

    There is nothing worse than spending hours cleaning your bathroom, and you look at your shower or bathtub and still see a soapy residue ring around it! Sometimes this task never seems done, and it feels impossible to ever get clean again. Here is a helpful tip to getting rid of that eyesore and letting your bathroom sparkle like it’s supposed to and all just using a grapefruit and salt!

    Ingredients Include:

    • Grapefruits (1-3) depending on shower/tub size
    • Salt – coarse salt (like Epsom salt) will be best during scrubbing


    1. Rinse bathtub or shower with water
    2. Sprinkle salt around the tub scum and on the area needing cleaning
    3. Cut up a grapefruit into quarters and top a slice with salt
      Squeeze and scrub! Use the grapefruit as a scrubber over the salt and clean along the tub ring, in the corners of the shower or any other areas needing cleaning
    4. Rinse and repeat if necessary

    This method works particularly well with rustic tubs and older bathrooms. Citrus and salt are a proven cleaner, and soap scum won’t stand a chance against it, and it smells amazing! Have you tried this method? Let us know at @SavageandSon!

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