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  • Fall Homeowner’s Tips in Reno-Tahoe

    Seasons are changing, and it’s time to make sure your home is prepared for cooler temperatures!

    While our homes are protecting us, they are exposed to all of the elements and to prevent crises from happening during the coldest months! 

    You or the homeowner can do most of the seasonal checks, however, a plumber can be needed to help execute further service. 

    Water Heaters:

    Plumbing technician turning wrench on water heater
    • You will want to make sure your water heater is checked for efficiency as this appliance works hardest during the winter months. A plumber may be needed to help flush out any sediment buildup so it can work efficiently at its best capacity. 
    • You’ll also want to check the water heater’s pressure relief valve for proper safety. If anything feels too loose or too tight, you should contact a plumber. 
    • Check the temperature setting on your water heater’s thermostat. Does it need to be adjusted cooler or warmer following the summer months? The ideal temperature of 120 degrees F. It’s hot enough to kill germs, but not too hot for your skin or your energy bill! 

    Check for Leaks: 

    Check for leaks or drain slowing around the property. Do you see any leaks around your irrigation and exterior or your property? If so, you can take a picture or video and email it to us at service@savageandson.com to explain the issue you are experiencing, and we can get it scheduled and diagnosed.


    When the temperatures start to freeze overnight, you’ll want to make sure that you Winterize your home’s piping, hose bibs, and exterior vents to help prepare it for dropping temperatures, especially if it’s a vacation home. Ensure you know where your main water shut off valve is in case there is an emergency or any cracks or pipe bursts due to cold temperatures. 

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