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  • Homeowner’s Tip: Winterizing Your Home

    Homeowner’s Tip: Winterizing Your Home

    What is Winterization?

    Winterization is the process of preparing your home’s plumbing system for extreme temperatures to prevent pipes from freezing. 

    For homes in the Reno/Sparks and Lake Tahoe area, it’s impossible to forecast how intense the winter season will be, so it is always essential to take precautions that can prevent pipes bursting in your full-time or vacation home.

    • Make sure you know where the shut off valves are, most plumbing fixtures have these. If you are experiencing pipes bursting or plumbing issues, stop the flow of water by utilizing the shut off valve at the fixture or located outside.
    • Disconnect exterior hoses from hose bibs and let the water drain
    • Keep the home’s heat at a minimum of 55 degrees to prevent your pipes from freezing in cold temperatures. It may seem nice to save some money on the heating bill, but it keeps the temperature of the water pipes above freezing and prevent it from becoming ice expanding in the pipes, and then bursting the home’s pipes.

    If you plan to leave your house for an extended vacation or leave it vacant for the winter, it is vital to get your home’s pipes winterized. Our skilled technicians can help you get it your pipes insulated and your home winterized so you can feel confident that it was done safely and correctly for the season. 

    If you turn on your pipes and nothing comes out, there is a major problem happening with your home’s pipes. Turn it off, and call us right away, we have 24/7 Emergency Services that will always be there to assist you when needed, that’s the Savage Way!

    We’ve been solving plumbing issues since 1893, and we’re here to help you, call us today at (775) 828-4193! 


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