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  • Homeowners’ Tip: Helpful Steps to Removing Toilet Clogs Without a Plunger

    Helpful Steps to Removing Toilet Clogs

    There is nothing worse than walking into a bathroom and seeing that your toilet is clogged. Your immediate thought is “great, I hope this fixes quickly!” Lucky for you, we’ve got your back and we are here to support you when you are in need of repairs or even to just to provide you with some helpful tips (aside from plunging) to try before you need to call us.

    1. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight, then try flushing again. Sometimes this is all you’ll need to do to fix the issue, but be ready for the water to overflow if this doesn’t solve the problem
    2. You can also add some hot or boiling water to your bowl and try flushing to correct a clog or event add some dish soap to the toilet bowl and flush.  

    Clogs are not fun and can be time consuming if you actually have a larger issue. Try these helpful homeowner’s tips and see if that does the job and if those don’t solve the problem, give us a call and one of our trusted technicians will be there to help you! (775) 828-4193


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    Meet Our New Showroom Sales Representative and Your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Resource

    Meet Kelly, our new Showroom Sales Representative! Kelly joins the Savage and Son family with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and has spent most of her career in working in design. She is here to serve as a resource for your kitchen or bathroom remodels and will help you navigate our showroom and the options available for your project.

    We are proud to offer our customers with this service in our showroom space to help you determine the best plumbing fixtures for your redesign. If you are getting overwhelmed with options in your online searching and planning, we are here for you. We can help you decide the best plumbing fixtures for your style, whether it be a traditional, modern, contemporary, farmhouse, or if you are just looking for better accessibility!

    If you are in the process of your remodel or even planning one for the future, we want to create ease in a potentially stressful situation. This is an exciting time and you deserve to have something fresh and an exciting new look in your house! Your kitchen and bathroom are typically where most of your time is spent, and we want to provide you with an personable approach to this process and offer you expert plumbing advice, from the experts that matter.

    Whether you are a confident DIY’er and install-it-yourself type of person or if we do the installation for you, each purchase made in our showroom is backed with a warranty. Kelly, our Showroom Sales Representative will be here as your resource by giving you options that will fit your existing remodel plans and helping you create your new and improved space.

    Book your appointment by calling 828-4193 or by emailing kellyv@savageandson.com


    Learn more about our Showroom here:


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    Commercial Project Update: Nick Poulakidas Elementary School

    The construction of the Nick Poulakidas Elementary School is well underway. Here is a virtual tour of what the school is planned to look like when it opens its doors to students this August. We are excited to be a part of this project! 

    Virtual Tour

    Commercial Project Timelapse of Nick Poulakidas Elementary School

    You can find out more information about the project and stay up to date on the progress with this awesome time-lapse by visiting Washoe County School District website here: http://www.wcsdbuilding.com/elementary-school-south-meadows/

    We will be posting updates here in our blog to keep you updated with what we are up to as this project progresses, stay tuned!

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    Homeowners’ Tip: How to Clean your Dishwasher

    The dishwasher, something you don’t usually have on your shortlist of cleaning chores and is often forgotten. But it is one of the easiest cleaning tasks to do in your kitchen and the best part is, you can multitask and get other items on your todo list done. Here are some helpful tips to washing away grease and grime and removing musty odors.

    • Start with an empty dishwasher
    • Inspect the drain and make sure it is clear of any food/waste
    • Run your garbage disposal before starting the dishwasher, and the dishwasher drains into the same pipe as your sink, so you will want to make sure that drain is clear
    • Place a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container on the upper rack of the machine. The vinegar loosens up food particles, soap scum and grease that builds up on the dishwasher’s walls and racks and then it gets washed down the drain.
    • Run the dishwasher through a hot-water cycle.
    • Always make sure that you keep the drain beneath the lower rack clear and check it after each cycle while unloading your clean dishes. Keep the drain clean and clear to avoid any unfortunate smells or clogged drainage and keep your dishwasher operating to its maximum potential.
    • You can maintain the freshness in between washing cycles by spraying the inside of your dishwasher with white vinegar.

    If issues persist, give us a call at (775) 828-4193, and we would be happy to assist with your repair service or help you look into remodeling or upgrading.

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    Homeowners’ Tip: Removing Water Stains

    Removing Water Stains

    Hard water stains can collect over time and can often be found in and around your shower head. Here is a DIY tip for removing the unsightly water stains from your bathroom fixture.

    1. Fill a plastic bag with distilled vinegar and place it around your shower head.
    2. Using a rubber band, tie the bag to the shower head and leave it in place for a few hours.
    3. Once you remove the bag of vinegar, the stains can easily be wiped away with a cloth.

    If you are in need of a new shower fixtures, our showroom has many options on display and  our showroom and interior design expert is available to to help you decide what will work best for your space!

    Give us a call at (775) 828-4193!


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    Homeowners’ Tip: Draining Your Water Heater

    Have you had a plumber check the efficiency of your water heater yet this winter? Ideally, a water heater should be inspected once a year, primarily during the winter season during the cold weather when the equipment tends to work its hardest. Sediment can buildup, which impedes the heat transfer in the machine and can lower the efficiency of the entire water heater. Sediment buildup can be flushed out and removed by draining the water heater on an annual basis. Below are the steps:

    • On a gas water heater, turn the gas valve to the off position. On an electric water heater, turn the electric off to the heater.
    • Shut the cold water off to the water heater.
    • Open a hot water faucet.
    • Connect a hose to the drain valve on the heater and run to a drain.
    • Open the drain valve and allow the tank to completely drain.
    • Turn back on the cold water into the water heater.
    • Allow the water to run through the water heater and out of the drain valve.  Do this for approximately five (5) or ten (10) minutes.
    • Close the drain valve and allow the tank to refill, keeping the hot water faucet open. When water comes out of the faucet, the tank is full.


    If you have any questions or would like to schedule a water heater inspection, please call us at (775) 828-4193

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    Nevada’s Oldest Contractor Celebrates 125 years

    RENO, Nev. (KOLO)- Nevada’s oldest contractor, Savage and Son Inc., a provider of full-service Plumbing, HVAC and Piping, is celebrating its 125th anniversary of being in business. Established in 1893, Savage and Son has the oldest active contractor’s license in Nevada.

    “Historical, speechless, it’s a proud moment,” says Savage and Son President Len Savage.

    Hundreds gathered at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center to celebrate the milestone, including Governor Brian Sandoval.

    “It’s unprecedented, we’ve been trying to do the research and we’re not aware of any business in state history that’s been continuously operating like Savage and Son,” says the Governor. “So it speaks to the character of that family, it speaks to its dedication, to its mission, which is to serve people in Northern Nevada.

    The family business ties its roots back to the early mining days in Virginia City and has been passed down through five generations of leaders.

    During the anniversary event Savage and Son gifted a check donation to the Fourth Ward School Museum in Virginia City.

    “That’s where our roots were and that’s why we wanted to give back because of where we started,” says Savage.

    Watch full video here

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    Reno’s Savage and Son, Nevada’s Oldest Contractor, Celebrates 125 years

    Reno’s Savage and Son, Nevada’s oldest contractor, celebrates 125 years


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    Savage and Son Named Subcontractor for UNR’s New Engineering Building


    Savage and Son, Inc. has been named as the Plumbing, HVAC and Piping subcontractor for the University of Nevada, Reno’s new William N. Pennington Engineering Building, set to begin construction Summer of 2018 and is scheduled to be completed by 2020.

    Savage and Son, Inc. will be the primary mechanical contractor for the project and will be installing lab gas piping, Plumbing and HVAC systems including extensive hydronic piping for the 100,114 square foot building. This intricate project will take approximately two and a half years to complete, and the building will be four stories high with over 40 faculty offices, 150 graduate workstations, over 40 laboratories, a clean room, large-scale computer lab, 200-student classroom, food services and the Dean of the College of Engineering’s offices. Each of the College’s five departments will have space in the new building: Chemical and Materials Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering.

    “We are grateful to have been chosen to work on such great project for the University of Nevada, Reno and during a year that we are celebrating such an important milestone of our business,” said Len Savage, president of Savage and Son, Inc. “Many members of the Savage family have attended the University of Nevada, Reno, and it is an honor to help build such a valuable new resource for future engineering students.”

    Stay up-to-date on the project status by following Savage and Son on Facebook, Linked In and Instagram @SavageandSon. For more information about Savage and Son, Inc. visit SavageAndSon.com.


    About Savage and Son, Inc.

    Savage and Son is Nevada’s oldest contracting company, operating as a full-service Plumbing, HVAC and Piping contractor since 1893 with Nevada Contractor’s License No. 10. For five generations, the Savage family has been foundational in serving residential, commercial and industrial clients with their Plumbing, HVAC, Piping and Mechanical contracting needs. Specializing in commercial and industrial projects, Savage and Son provides plumbing, wetside mechanical systems, commercial high-rise fabrication, boilers, chillers, high purity systems, medical gas and several other mechanical services for industrial and commercial projects. Their proven reliability and commitment to continual innovation have been hallmarks to their longevity of providing their services in northern Nevada and the surrounding northern California communities. 2018 marks Savage and Son’s 125thanniversary in business. https://savageandson.com/

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    Savage and Son – 125th Anniversary

    Thank you, Reno for letting us serve you for 125 years and allowing us the opportunity to help build so many iconic buildings in our region! Here are a few buildings we are proud to have helped build.

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    Now that it's spring and the weather is getting warmer, are you asking yourself when the right time is to turn on your sprinklers? Well, ever since our founder Leonard Coates Savage traded our ore rights to the Savage Mine in 1859 for 5 acres on Peavine Mountain and a white mule named Shakepeare, our family has had a special place for Peavine. Our family's rule of thumb has always been to turn on our sprinklers once the majority of snow has melted off of Peavine Mountain....as a result of this year's heavy snow pack, we are saying it is go time for this. Happy Easter Everyone! 😊 ... See MoreSee Less

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    Having The Nevada Wolf Pack Football team in our office is one way to shake up an afternoon! Here is a shot from behind the scenes of the team filiming for an upcoming video in our office earlier this week. #GoPACK! ... See MoreSee Less

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    The University of Nevada, Reno Pennington Engineering building is finally going verticle with steel erecting each day. Our crews are currently hard at work installing deck inserts to prepare for the piping and duct work. Here you can see them shooting points though our Trimble Robotic Total Station. Thanks to our CAD/BIM department we are able to digitally plan and map out our project for efficiency. ... See MoreSee Less

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    The historic 110-year-old Humphrey House was relocated on Sunday, April 7th by its homeowners, Nancy and Tim Gilbert, to preserve the home and its history here in the City of Reno. This story is an excellent representation of our local history, and we are so glad that the Humphrey House will be a restored structure. For years, we performed plumbing work for the former owner, Frances Humphrey. In fact, one of our former longtime employees, Deo Hallmark, was always there to help Frances during his 50+ years of working for us! Now that the home is at its destination location, we'll be performing the plumbing work for the house again. This home is just one of many historic home restoration projects that we've been fortunate to have the opportunity to complete work on for our loyal customers, Nancy and Tim. As Nevada’s Oldest Contractor, we love being able to work on projects for our customers that help restore our city's historic structures! Check out more about the history of this home and its incredible relocation here: www.rgj.com/story/life/2019/04/08/reno-historic-humphrey-house-relocated-virginia-street-bridge/3... ... See MoreSee Less

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