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  • Protect Your Reno-Tahoe Home’s Water All From Your Phone!

    Secure your home’s water and protect it from leaks and bursting pipes – all from your phone!


    One of the reasons we all love living in the Reno-Tahoe area is to be able to experience all four seasons. But while we enjoy the versatility of weather, our homes have to be equipped and prepared for a lot of adjusting temperatures and changing seasonal climates. 

    As temperatures drop, the pressure of our air and water fluctuates, constricts, and contracts. This is something important for residents of the Reno-Tahoe region to be aware of to ensure the safety of the piping and the home.

    “Bursting water pipes are a major concern when winter temperatures drop. But why do the pipes burst? It’s all about pressure. As water becomes ice, this causes an immense amount of water pressure to build between the ice blockage and fixtures — eventually, causing the pipe to burst under the pressure.

    Flo by Moen alerts to pressure and temperature changes in the water, which can help avoid catastrophe. Water pressure in your home is like blood pressure in your body. As high blood pressure puts stress on parts of your body and can cause serious problems, the same is true for the home — high water pressure is serious stress being applied to the entire home’s plumbing. Left untreated, high water pressure can cause bursts in pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Just like a balloon when there’s too much air pressure… BURST!” – Moen

    When the weather and temperature changes, you will want to know what is going on behind the wall, and now you can monitor your home’s water systems from your smartphone or tablet! The Flo by Moen offers an all-in-one security system for your home’s water that will help prevent water damage, leaks, and waste as small as a drop per minute. Flo is installed on the main water supply line of the home and proactively looks for leaks and other vulnerabilities. If your Flo by Moen smart valve detects a leak in your home’s water system, push notifications will be sent to your smartphone via the Flo by Moen app available on iOS and Android, giving you the ability to shut off the water remotely! The system is also capable of sending text messages, emails, and calls to users.

    Some people may already be proactive about this and have leak detectors for their home, but what good is leak detection if you can’t turn off the water?

     Flo will help you detect issues such as damage, burst pipes, mold behind walls, and unexplained water bills. 

    You can feel at ease knowing that you can check on your home from anywhere that you can connect, and if something is leaking, you’re able to turn off your home’s main water line home in the Reno-Tahoe. And, if something catastrophic were to happen and you aren’t able to connect, Flo is smart enough to turn it off itself! 

    “Most water meters (and leak detection systems) can’t detect small drips of water. That’s problematic because those small drips are key early indicators of big problems like pipe bursts, and those same small drips can equate to more than 100,000 gallons per year of water released behind walls, in ceilings or underneath slabs, which can cause mold and other problems”. – Moen

    “Water damage in homes is a leading cause of preventable homeowner’s insurance claims every year, more likely than theft and fire damage combined. Flo by Moen’s water monitoring and shut-off system is proven to reduce the likelihood of major water damage dramatically”. – Moen

    Are you interested in getting a Flo installed at your home and having the ability to monitor what’s going on behind your walls?

    Give us a call to schedule your appointment in our Showroom today to learn more information, order, and have it installed by our skilled technicians and be that much closer to having one less thing to worry about!

    Schedule your FREE Estimate today by calling (775) 828-4193!

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    Savage and Son Named Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite 2019 Winner!

    Savage and Son wins Neighborhood Favorite!


    Savage and Son, Inc., Plumbing, HVAC, and Piping has been chosen as Neighborhood Favorite on NextDoor.com for the second year in a row! We are so grateful to our community and our loyal customers for supporting us and voting us! As Nevada’s Oldest Contractor, we are thankful to be able to serve this community! 

    Savage and Son, Inc. is a Neighborhood Favorite in 22 neighborhoods in Reno:

    We have proudly served this community since 1893 and providing our services across northern Nevada and the Sierra. We appreciate you choosing Savage and Son, Inc to be your Plumbing, HVAC, and Piping partner!

    Thank you to our Nextdoor community! Staying connected with each other is how we all work together to build a safe and strong neighborhood! If you aren’t on Nextdoor, it is a free network for you to connect with your neighbors and share important information! Their mission is to provide a trusted platform where neighbors work together to build stronger, safer, happier communities, all over the world. They want all neighbors to feel welcome, safe and respected when using Nextdoor. Sign up here

    If you are experiencing any plumbing issues,

    we are just a phone call away! (775) 828-4193!

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    Homeowner’s Tip: Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

    Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

    There are major perks to having a garbage disposal in your kitchen. To put it simply, they are a magic switch that grinds away your food waste and is environmentally friendly by keeping less food in landfills. But just like everything in life, this magical tool does have its limits, and it needs maintenance to ensure it works efficiently and lasts as long as possible. There are rules and best practices to keep your garbage disposal running in the best condition – because it is essentially the safety gate for your household plumbing!

    Most think Garbage Disposals as a blender with blades, but a garbage disposal has impellers – similar to a coffee grinder. Garbage disposals grind up most types of everyday food waste into small tiny pieces so it can quickly be passed through the drain, then through the household plumbing, and then further treated at the water treatment facility. So, what should you never put down the garbage disposal?

    NEVER EVER put any non-food items in the garbage disposal including plastic, pills, produce stickers, paint, cigarette butts, basically ANY non-food waste. Always check to make sure there are not any utensils or non-food waste in the drain before operating the Garbage Disposal. 

    NEVER Put Down These Items in Your Garbage Disposal:

    Grease, Fat, or Oils

    The disposals can pass the liquid pretty easily; however, when that cools down, it will solidify in the pipes and cause major clogs and household plumbing issues.

    Coffee Grounds

    Coffee grounds are misleading and our arch-nemesis! The grounds will get caught in your shredder and can pack in tight together, causing build-ups in your pipes further down the drain. Coffee grounds are compostable.

    Egg Shells

    The membrane of the eggshells will get wrapped around the impellers and cause the them to jam or block the drain filters causing it to clog. Eggshells are compostable.


    They’ll just keep spinning around with the disposal’s impellers, and if they happen to make it through the disposal, they will get caught, block the drains, and could cause clogs to your household plumbing. Bones should be thrown away in the trash can.

    Fibrous Foods/Vegetables

    We’ve either all experienced it, or know someone who accidentally put potato skins in the garbage disposal and caused it to jam or break! But even vegetables like celery, artichokes, asparagus, onion skins, corn husks, or leafy greens like lettuce, kale, collard greens, chard, etc. that have fibrous strings will tangle around your disposal’s impellers and cause jams and sometimes further maintenance. To avoid jams or clogs, these types of food can be composted or can be thrown away.

    Fruit Pits, Cores, Seeds, Peels

    These are too hard for the impellers to grind and process its solid form as well as have the ability to pass through the holes of the drain. These would be best to be composted or thrown away. If you wouldn’t put it in a blender or cut it with a knife, definitely don’t put in the disposal!

    Pasta and Rice

    The longer pasta and rice are immersed in water, the more they will expand. If pasta, rice, or grains are put inside your drain, they will quickly expand and cause significant drain clogs for your household plumbing. If you have leftover pasta dinners or an old casserole that’s been in your refrigerator for far too long, we recommend not putting it down the drain, and it should be thrown away. 

    So – now you’re probably asking, what is okay to put down the disposal? And, how can I avoid future food waste in my household plumbing? 

    Our plumber’s rule of thumb is:

    If a baby can eat it, then the disposal can handle it!

    It might be helpful to see how a garbage disposal actually works and understand how the food is processed in the disposal and through the drain. Check out this video:

    Garbage Disposal DIY

    Garbage Disposal Maintenance and Cleaning Plumbers’ Pro Tips

    Keep it Clean: 

    If you don’t already have one, get a drain trap for your kitchen sink, so it can collect the larger items while you are cleaning dishes. This is an easy and affordable solution to prevent more complex and expensive plumbing problems.

    Clean out your drain and disposal about once a month by throwing in a handful of ice cubes along with a 1TBS of salt into the garbage disposal, and then turn it on while running hot water. Doing this will clean the impellers by collecting any built-up food waste or scraps that are stuck inside the garbage disposal or drain. You can also add lemon juice or vinegar to the ice cubes before freezing  them to also to combat odor and add additional disinfectant. 

    If odor persists, pour a 1TBS of bleach in the drain and allow to sit for a few moments, then flush with hot water, and turn on the disposal. 

    If you are experiencing issues with your garbage disposal at home, we are here to help! Call us at (775) 828-4193!

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    Homeowners’ Tip: Removing Bathtub/Shower Soap Scum

    Homeowners’ Tip:

    Removing Bathtub and Shower Soap Scum

    There is nothing worse than spending hours cleaning your bathroom, and you look at your shower or bathtub and still see a soapy residue ring around it! Sometimes this task never seems done, and it feels impossible to ever get clean again. Here is a helpful tip to getting rid of that eyesore and letting your bathroom sparkle like it’s supposed to and all just using a grapefruit and salt!

    Ingredients Include:

    • Grapefruits (1-3) depending on shower/tub size
    • Salt – coarse salt (like Epsom salt) will be best during scrubbing


    1. Rinse bathtub or shower with water
    2. Sprinkle salt around the tub scum and on the area needing cleaning
    3. Cut up a grapefruit into quarters and top a slice with salt
      Squeeze and scrub! Use the grapefruit as a scrubber over the salt and clean along the tub ring, in the corners of the shower or any other areas needing cleaning
    4. Rinse and repeat if necessary

    This method works particularly well with rustic tubs and older bathrooms. Citrus and salt are a proven cleaner, and soap scum won’t stand a chance against it, and it smells amazing! Have you tried this method? Let us know at @SavageandSon!

    Here are some other helpful homeowner’s tips!

    If you’re ever experiencing a plumbing emergency or problem, give us a call, and one of our trusted technicians will be there to help you! Call us at (775) 828-4193!

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    Planning Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel: Big Box Versus Showroom

    Planning Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel:

    Big Box Versus Showroom

    If you are planning or already in the process of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom remodel, you are expectedly doing your due diligence and shopping around to make sure you are getting the best possible option within your budget. Frequently, we get caught up on the price because it’s what the budget allows, which is understandable, but it’s also essential to think about years down the road to make sure you are making an investment that will last. The quality of the product and its longevity is equally as important as the price. While researching, you will sometimes find that big box stores will have bathroom and kitchen fixture options at a lower cost than in a Plumbing Product Showroom, such as ours. But there are differences with the showroom product model and the big box model, and more differences than meets the eye. In fact, sometimes you will find the same fixture with the same product code but at a different cost. Here are a few reasons why:

    Product Quality

    At the big box stores, the product may look the same, the box may look the same, even have the same model number, but the part numbers could be different, so it’s possible to sell at a lower price. A cheaper price usually means that the parts are made of plastic instead of brass. Sometimes it’s a noticeable weight difference by even turning on a faucet and feeling how it turns on and off. These fixtures will be supporting a constant flow of water and will need the durability to last longer than just the foreseeable future. All of our products sold in our Showroom have a metal finish versus painted plastic, better internal brass fittings instead of plastic fittings, and better quality cartridges and wall supply lines that are stronger for leak prevention versus the thinner versions. Appliances with metal parts are best for the fixtures behind the wall; the stuff that’s behind the walls does the real work. Good quality products will decrease your cost of use and save you money over time. Install a product that is built and made to last, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.

    Showroom Perks

    Chances are you haven’t run into a professional plumber at a big box store too often, and this decision is challenging to make without expert advice. You can schedule an appointment in our Showroom and have the reserved time to speak about your project while actual plumbers are walking around the building. You can make this decision with people who have expert knowledge about the operation of the product, space where it will be installed, and the confidence that everything flows the correct way. After making a few house calls, you start to see what works and what doesn’t work.

    During your Showroom appointment, you will get personalized service and guidance during these exciting yet decision-filled times, while someone is genuinely listening to your needs for your project. Visiting our Showroom will be just as convenient as a big box store, and could arguably be more comfortable because you have reserved time for just your project and have the opportunity to explore the products that will best fit the look and function of your space. In our Showroom, we offer a level of expertise and product variety that none of the big box stores can match and our years of experience will provide you with a level of knowledge that is unmatched.

    Whether you are a DIY’er and plan to install this yourself or you want Savage and Son to be your one-stop-shop, you will get the best quality products that will fit in your short term and long term budgets.

    Product Warranty

    Purchasing the product through a Plumbing Product Showroom will get you the full manufacturer’s warranty, which is a huge value in itself. Most of the cheaper versions will have a shorter warranty, and it will be through the store/retailer versus the manufacturer. By purchasing the product in a Plumbing Showroom will get the full manufacturer’s warranty for the product purchased and it is simple to warranty the maintenance, repair or replacement if the product should ever need it down the road.

    PLUS, if you have Savage and Son install the fixture, you will have a warranty for both the product and the installation of the product! Some like to install themselves, and some are very capable, however being in the business of plumbing repair, we see many issues and service calls for the people who have installed the product themselves and unfortunately if it was installed themselves only the product itself is under warranty. We are here to be your plumbing expert before, during, and after your project.

    You can take your chances at purchasing from a big box store knowing the risk of replacing it at a full cost down the road or you can make your purchase through our Showroom, have us install it and feel confident knowing that you have a good quality fixture, built to last and secured with a warranty for the future. Projects can get expensive, but we recommend looking to cut costs and save money in other areas of the project, if possible. We want to do it once and do it right.

    Make your appointment with Kelly here or by calling (775) 828-4193 to visit our 2,500 square foot Showroom located at 3101 Yori Avenue, Reno and start feeling at ease with your future decisions. Our goal is to make all of your bathroom and kitchen dreams a reality.

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    Showroom Product Spotlight: Kohler Verdera Mirror

    “Mirror Mirror on the wall, turn up lights 40% for makeup, and ready my news.” Yes, this could be your reality with the Kohler Verdera Voice Light Mirror where you can integrate your voice assistant to your light mirror and add ease to your morning routine.

    Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom? This could be just that little extra touch you were hoping for, make an appointment with our showroom representative to start planning your dream bathroom today.

    Learn more here: https://savageandson.com/showroom/

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    We’re Hiring! Warehouse Associate/Delivery Driver

    We’re Hiring!

    We are seeking qualified applicants for an additional Warehouse Associate/Delivery Driver and a Fab Shop Expediter!

    Please see below and please share with friends and family and have them apply HERE!


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    Caughlin Rancher Cover Story – Pipe Dreams

    Len Savage, President and Pete Savage, Vice President had the pleasure to sit down with the Caughlin Rancher to talk about the business, family history and their love for Reno. Read the article here:

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    Homeowners’ Tip: Helpful Steps to Removing Toilet Clogs Without a Plunger

    Helpful Steps to Removing Toilet Clogs

    There is nothing worse than walking into a bathroom and seeing that your toilet is clogged. Your immediate thought is “great, I hope this fixes quickly!” Lucky for you, we’ve got your back and we are here to support you when you are in need of repairs or even to just to provide you with some helpful tips (aside from plunging) to try before you need to call us.

    1. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight, then try flushing again. Sometimes this is all you’ll need to do to fix the issue, but be ready for the water to overflow if this doesn’t solve the problem
    2. You can also add some hot or boiling water to your bowl and try flushing to correct a clog or event add some dish soap to the toilet bowl and flush.  

    Clogs are not fun and can be time consuming if you actually have a larger issue. Try these helpful homeowner’s tips and see if that does the job and if those don’t solve the problem, give us a call and one of our trusted technicians will be there to help you! (775) 828-4193


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    Meet Our New Showroom Sales Representative and Your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Resource

    Meet Kelly, our new Showroom Sales Representative! Kelly joins the Savage and Son family with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and has spent most of her career in working in design. She is here to serve as a resource for your kitchen or bathroom remodels and will help you navigate our showroom and the options available for your project.

    We are proud to offer our customers with this service in our showroom space to help you determine the best plumbing fixtures for your redesign. If you are getting overwhelmed with options in your online searching and planning, we are here for you. We can help you decide the best plumbing fixtures for your style, whether it be a traditional, modern, contemporary, farmhouse, or if you are just looking for better accessibility!

    If you are in the process of your remodel or even planning one for the future, we want to create ease in a potentially stressful situation. This is an exciting time and you deserve to have something fresh and an exciting new look in your house! Your kitchen and bathroom are typically where most of your time is spent, and we want to provide you with an personable approach to this process and offer you expert plumbing advice, from the experts that matter.

    Whether you are a confident DIY’er and install-it-yourself type of person or if we do the installation for you, each purchase made in our showroom is backed with a warranty. Kelly, our Showroom Sales Representative will be here as your resource by giving you options that will fit your existing remodel plans and helping you create your new and improved space.

    Book your appointment by calling 828-4193 or by emailing kellyv@savageandson.com


    Learn more about our Showroom here:


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