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  • Fall Homeowner’s Tips in Reno-Tahoe

    Seasons are changing, and it’s time to make sure your home is prepared for cooler temperatures!


    While our homes are protecting us, they are exposed to all of the elements and to prevent crises from happening during the coldest months! 

    You or the homeowner can do most of the seasonal checks, however, a plumber can be needed to help execute further service. 

    Water Heaters:

    • You will want to make sure your water heater is checked for efficiency as this appliance works hardest during the winter months. A plumber may be needed to help flush out any sediment buildup so it can work efficiently at its best capacity. 
    • You’ll also want to check the water heater’s pressure relief valve for proper safety. If anything feels too loose or too tight, you should contact a plumber. 
    • Check the temperature setting on your water heater’s thermostat. Does it need to be adjusted cooler or warmer following the summer months? The ideal temperature of 120 degrees F. It’s hot enough to kill germs, but not too hot for your skin or your energy bill! 

    Check for Leaks: 

    Check for leaks or drain slowing around the property. Do you see any leaks around your irrigation and exterior or your property? If so, you can take a picture or video and email it to us at service@savageandson.com to explain the issue you are experiencing, and we can get it scheduled and diagnosed.



    When the temperatures start to freeze overnight, you’ll want to make sure that you Winterize your home’s piping, hose bibs, and exterior vents to help prepare it for dropping temperatures, especially if it’s a vacation home. Ensure you know where your main water shut off valve is in case there is an emergency or any cracks or pipe bursts due to cold temperatures. 

    Check out our other Homeowner’s Tips:

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    Summer Homeowner’s Tips – Savage and Son

    Summer is upon us here in Northern Nevada! Increasing temperatures and extra daylight require adjustments around your home to ensure it is ready for the seasonal shift. Here are some Homeowner’s Tips to keep your home or business’s plumbing running efficiently this Summer!

    Reduce Water Use:

    With increased water usage for sprinklers and irrigation, you will want to make sure you are mindful of your water consumption. Try to limit your shower time to a maximum of 10 minutes to help save water and turn the tap off while washing dishes, brushing your teeth, cooking, and cleaning. By simply turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, you can save 8 gallons of water per day or 200 gallons per month! 

    Pro Tip:

    Switching to a low-flow model will help you save water and money! According to the EPA, “The average family could save 2,700 gallons per year by installing WaterSense labeled showerheads. Since these water savings will reduce demands on water heaters, they will also save energy.” Email our Showroom to discuss what Watersense showerheads and faucets will best fit your home and your budget at showroom@savageandson.com.

    Check your Water Heater and Turn Down the Temperature: 

    Both your water heater and appliances will likely be working overtime this Summer with the heat and extra people at home. 

    According to Energy.gov, “the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends setting your water heater at no more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent scalding. The lower setting will also conserve energy and save money. Although some manufacturers set water heater thermostats at 140ºF, most households usually only require them to be set at 120ºF, which also slows mineral buildup and corrosion in your water heater and pipes. Water heated at 140ºF also poses a safety hazard—scalding.

    Savings resulting from turning down your water heater temperature are based on two components: reduced standby losses (heat lost from water heater into surrounding basement area); and consumption (from water demand or use in your home). Set too high, or at 140ºF, your water heater can waste anywhere from $36 to $61 annually in standby heat losses and more than $400 in demand losses.

    Pro Tip:

    Switching to an Energy Star rated Water Heater will save you energy and money on your utility bill! You can also install a hot water circulation pump to help your water heat more quickly, which can help you save water, money, energy, and time waiting for the water to heat up! Email service@savageandson.com to explore a new water heater or hot water circulation pump for your home.

    Setting your Sprinkler Schedule:

    Make sure that your beautiful yard doesn’t come at an extra cost to you! Run your sprinklers in the morning when the air temperature is lower, there is less wind, and there is dew on the ground. Watering your grass when it is already damp in the morning will help reduce the amount of water it needs and help prevent the spread of disease and will also reduce the amount of wasted water due to evaporation from the wind. Windy conditions can increase the rate of evaporation of the irrigation water. 

    Check for Leaks around the home and property:

    It’s essential to check on your home for leaks every season. A leaky toilet can waste as much as 200 gallons per day or over 6,000 gallons per month! Not only is water a precious resource that shouldn’t be wasted, but leaks can also cause mold and expensive damage to your home! Inspect the fixtures around your home for any visible leaks, and also look at your water bill and compare the usage over the past few months. The EPA says a drip rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. While checking around the property, make sure to check your sewer piping because any tree growth can cause roots to make their way to your sewer lines in search of a water source.

    Pro Tip:

    You can also start saving with the MOEN FLO, a device that is installed on your main water line and detects and stops leaks! The MOEN FLO smart water security systems monitor all of your home’s piping from your showers to the toilet to the foundational pipes. You can feel protected even when you are not home and all from the convenience of your smartphone! 

    The Moen Flo is continuously monitoring your water levels, with nightly checks, and can detect a drop per minute! This smart device helps you see what’s happening behind the wall and gives you the control and comfort knowing you have a solution to helping you save your home, time, and money on your water bill! 

    Email service@savageandson.com to learn more and set up your appointment for installation or if you are experiencing leaks at your home and require professional inspection and repair! 

    Be aware of what goes in your Garbage Disposal and Practice Proper Flushing: 

    Always make sure that you are keeping your pipes clear from anything that can cause clogs or damage. Follow these best practices for “Disposal Dos and Don’ts” and “What Not to Flush.”

    Pro Tip:

    Be aware of any dishes made at home that say “Just Add Water” and don’t put them in down the disposal. When you add water to these items, they expand, and they will continue to expand inside your pipes, which can cause serious piping clogs and plumbing issues. 

    The Reno-Tahoe area represents all four seasons, and it’s important to be aware of how your home reacts to the changing seasons! We’ll always be here to help you solve your plumbing issues when you need us because that’s the Savage Way, and it has been since 1893!

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    Reopening Buildings After Quarantine

    While we have all been quarantined at home, the buildings we normally occupy for business have sat empty. Buildings that have been shut down or used less frequently during this pandemic have the potential for water quality degradation from stagnation, an issue separate from the COVID-19 crisis. 

    Stagnant or standing water can cause conditions that increase the risk for growth and spread of Legionella and other biofilm-associated bacteria. It also can lead to low or undetectable levels of disinfectant, such as chlorine, in the water system. Unlike the coronavirus, you cannot simply quarantine the system for a few days to make it safe. The longer that systems are idle, the more likely that these issues can occur.

    We all want to get back to work, but to assure the occupants of your building that it is safe to return, we recommend your entire building is flushed properly. We have established a comprehensive water management program following recommendations of the CDC as well as relevant ASHRAE standards. This includes flushing of all appliances like ice machines, dishwashers, and water coolers while wearing the appropriate protective equipment. We can inspect mechanical equipment such as cooling towers, boilers, pumps, backflow preventers, and hot water systems.

    After flushing, water samples should be taken for analysis to a qualified independent testing laboratory. If test results indicate the need for disinfection, possible chlorination of your water systems can be done, but it must be done correctly to avoid further issues. 

    Afterward, a water quality safety plan will protect the long-term security of your employees and visitors for the foreseeable future. We recommend this service to any building that has been dormant during the quarantine.

    In addition, after disinfecting a building, it is equally important to change all the air filters. One of the processes for cleaning includes a “fog” of the building. The smell may carry over for many weeks, but changing the filters can clear the residual disinfectant from the airstream. You may also want to consider having every RTU and AHU cleaned before the building reopens. This can include spraying the interior with a bleach solution and wiping down, changing filters and bagging, and properly disposing of all materials.

    If you are in need of service for your building, please contact us by calling

    (775) 828-4193 or emailing us at service@savageandson.com.


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    Spring Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

    Temperatures are beginning to rise in northern Nevada, trees are blossoming, and the birds are chirping! Winterizing your home is essential for its protection during the cold-weather season. During Spring, it is critical to prep your home for the rising temperatures and increased water pressure. Here are some homeowner’s tips for Spring to ensure your home and its water piping systems are operating at its full potential! 

    Check on your Sump Pump and Sewage Injector:

    Sump pumps help prevent groundwater from getting in your basement or crawl space. Inspect your sump pump for proper functionality by running water through it. Fill your sump pump with enough water for the float switch to turn on. If it is properly working, the water level will lower. If it doesn’t turn on, you may have a faulty switch. We can help with this! Also, inspect your sewage ejector for proper operation. Pumps should turn quickly, discharge water, and turn off quickly.

    Check Washer and Dishwasher Supply Hoses: 

    These appliances do a lot of work for your home and have many hose attachments. Check for any weakness or cracks in the hoses for replacement. Check the dishwater drain hose and door gasket for signs of leaks or cracks. If your appliances’ hoses are over ten years old, it may be time to replace them. 

    Leaky Toilets:

    Make sure your toilets flush correctly. Are you having trouble using the handle? To check if you have a toilet leak, you can drop a few drops of food coloring (any color except red) into the tank and wait an hour to see if the bowl water changes color. If you see color in the bowl, you have a toilet leak, and we are here to help you fix that! Also, make sure to check if the rubber flappers are worn from sitting in water and need replacing.

    Inspect Faucets and Pipes Below Sink :

    Check for buildups of soap, food, and hair in your kitchen and bathroom drains. Removing small clogs can help prevent blockages that require professional removal. Replace or add new drain traps for future prevention; these simple improvements can help save water and money. Check the piping in the cabinets under your sinks, and if there are any cracks or leaks in the pipes, these will need to be replaced to prevent further water damage.

    Turn on Water Main Valve:

    Locate your main water line that connects to your outdoor plumbing and turn it back on. 

    If you’re in the market for an upgrade, consider installing an app-controlled smart water valve, like the MOEN FLO. You will have the convenience of turning on/off your water line from your smartphone or tablet. If you are interested in installing the MOEN FLO for your home, visit savageandson.com/showroom for more information or contact us at (775) 828-4193. 

    Check for Slow Leaks on Property:

    Check the water meter before you go to bed and check it again in the morning. Installing a Water Management tool like the MOEN FLO can help you determine if you have a leak at your home, and all from an app on your phone. Homeowners with this device can turn off the main water line straight from their smartphone or tablet! According to Angie’s List, “a slow drip from an outdoor spigot can add up to 20 gallons of water a day or 500 gallons a month.” Check for debris in plumbing vents, yard drains, gutters, downspouts, sprinkler systems, and inspect your hoses for expansion before performing a test run of your outdoor faucets. Check sprinklers for signs of leaks and adjust for proper coverage and adjust the sprinkler clock to account for the extra daylight. Check out these tips for checking for yard leaks from Angie’s List

    Check the Hose Bib:

    Check for leaks; this can sometimes happen in colder Winter climates (like Northern Nevada) if hoses have been left on the hose bib during the winter months. It can even occasionally freeze the supply pipe, and after the pipe thaws out, cracked during expansion. This pipe can continue to leak and could be damaging to your home. If you are experiencing this, we recommend you call us to help resolve the issue ASAP!  

    Turn on your Irrigation System:

    As the temperatures warm-up, you’ll want to check your irrigation system for leaks and cracks. Let us know if you see any Winter cracks in your vacuum breaker or backflow assembly, we can help you repair it or install a new one! Just email us a picture to service@savageandson.com.






    Truckee Meadows Water Authority has a helpful guide to turning your irrigation system after winter. “After you have done the preliminary steps for turning your system back on, watch the low-flow indicator on your water meter. If it is still, no water is being leaked. If the low-flow indicator is moving, first be sure no water is being used within the home, then: At the vertical valve and drain sleeves, be sure there is no water filling either sleeve. Check your backflow to be sure there is no water dripping from the flat handles, the test cock screws, or the black bonnet (pressure vacuum breaker) located at the top of the assembly. Be sure the drain in your irrigation control valve box was closed snugly and there is no water dripping (TMWA)”.

    Clean the Shower Head: 

    Little blockages from minerals in the water could collect in your shower head and will cause water pressure issues. Check out these helpful tips for removing them with vinegar from one of our previous Homeowner’s Tip blogs! 

    Inspect the Water Heater:

    Make sure that your Water Heater’s temperature is not set above 120 degrees. It will save your skin and dollars on your energy bill! Spring is also a good time to drain the sediment from your water heater; sediment can cause corrosion and also lowers your tank’s efficiency. Check out this guide from Angie’s List for tips for draining and flushing your water heater.

    Maintaining a functioning home takes dedicated work; we hope these tips proved to be helpful! If you are experiencing slowing drains, cracked or damaged pipes, or leaks around your property, we will always be here to help you. 

    If you live in the Reno/Tahoe area, we are open and available to you, 24/7! Call us at (775) 828-4193 and email us a video of your issue at service@savageandson.com so we can help diagnose the problem before scheduling your service call. 

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    Savage and Son Coronavirus/Covid-19 Safety Precautions

    Dear valued Savage and Son customers,
    As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve, we want to assure homeowners and business customers that we are taking all necessary precautions to help keep our customers and employees safe and healthy. During these challenging times, we understand that plumbing issues don’t stop, and we want to ensure that we are taking every necessary precaution to maintain the health and safety of our customer’s homes and businesses.
    Open and Available 24/7:
    As an essential business to Northern Nevada and the Sierra and as the COVID-19 situation evolves, we want to assure you that the safety and hygiene of our employees, customers, and community is our top concern. Plumbers help safeguard our sanitary systems and keep our city’s water clean, and we are here to help support you when you require plumbing services. We are open and operating during our regular business hours and, as always, available for plumbing emergencies 24/7. While the number of families staying at home increases, there is no more critical time than the present to maintain a healthy home, and we are treating every call with heightened diligence. We are taking extra precautions with our Service Technicians to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, and community.
    Safety Measures:
    We have expanded our safety measures in line with the CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines to help stop the spread of the virus and required any employees who are experiencing symptoms or have come into contact with someone with symptoms to stay home. 
    Our Service Technicians are practicing the following safety measures when assisting customers on a service call:
    • Each Service Technician will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including masks, gloves, safety glasses, and shoe covers, which are all changed after each service call. 
    • Thoroughly sanitizing the work area within the home.
    • Washing hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap and water and also using hand sanitizer
    • Disinfecting the tools, vehicles, and equipment between each service call.
    • Maintaining social distancing, eliminating any physical contact with the customers, and requesting our customers to sign the paperwork with their own pen.
    • In order to reduce time spent at customer’s homes, we are requesting all customers who are experiencing plumbing issues and in need of service to email us a video at service@savageandson.com so our team can help diagnose the issue before scheduling the service call.
    Customer Service:
    Our friendly Customer Service staff will work with you to understand the issue you are experiencing. Our customer service representatives are asking if anyone in the home is symptomatic of the illness before the service call being scheduled. 
    In some plumbing circumstances, the Service Technician won’t need to enter the home and could access the issue from outside of the home, depending on the issue and the layout of the structure. 
    Now and always, we want you to be confident in knowing that we will be here to help you, especially during these challenging times. We understand times are uncertain, but we don’t want small problems to turn into big plumbing issues. We will always be here for our community when it needs us, because that’s the Savage Way, and it has been since 1893. 
    If you are experiencing issues, please call us at (775) 828-4193 and email us a video of your issue to service@savageandson.com.
    We are available to help 24/7!

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    Washlets – Safe, Environmentally Friendly, Economical

    According to Business Insider, “Americans use over 34 million rolls of toilet paper every day, or equivalent to 15 million trees per year”, which wastes our valuable resources that lead to environmental impacts.

    Washing your body with water is effective, comfortable, and refreshing, and it works the same way with a TOTO Washlet or bidet!

    If you are interested in a Washlet for your home, you can place an order with our Showroom, and we can install it for you! We are offering $20 off our installation of the Washlet. Call us at (775) 828-4193 for more information!


    TOTO S550e Washlet Features:

    • EWATER+® on wand and bowl
    • WASHLET cleansing with 5 spray settings
    • Premist on the bowl before each use
    • Built-in air deodorizing system
    • Auto open/close
    • Night Light
    • Adjustable water and seat temperatures
    • Warm-air dryer
    • Easy-to-read illuminated remote control
    • Convenient magnetic wall mounted cradle
    • Compact and slim design
    • 2-user personal memory settings
    • Self-Cleaning Water Wand
    • Instantaneous water heating
    • WASHLET fits only WASHLET+ model toilets
    • Available with AutoFlush Compatibility (See Available Options above)

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    Savage and Son COVID-19 Response

    There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the global community. We understand that our plumbing services are typically required in special and emergency circumstances. Unfortunately, plumbing issues don’t stop during challenging times, even though it feels like the rest of the world does.

    As an essential business to Northern Nevada and the Sierra and as the COVID-19 situation evolves, we want to assure you that the safety and hygiene of our employees, customers, and community is our top concern. Plumbers help safeguard our sanitary systems and keep our city’s water clean, and we are here to help support you when you require plumbing services.

    As Nevada’s Oldest Contractor and leaders in the industry, we remain fully committed to fulfilling the needs of our community even as potential demand for our services may increase with more people and families required to social distance and remain in their homes. While the number of families staying at home increases, there is no critical time than the present to maintain a healthy home, and we are treating every call with heightened diligence. We are taking extra precautions with our Service Technicians to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, and community.


    1. All of our service technicians are equipped with masks, gloves, and shoe covers to be worn when entering a customer’s home or business. All areas are being sanitized and our tools are being sanitized between each service call.
    2. Our employees have been required to stay at home if they are feeling sick, or have come into contact with anyone with symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, or cough.

    We understand the uncertainty during this time and the demand for toiletry products. We urge you to avoid flushing paper towels and any non-toilet paper products for the safety of your home’s piping systems and our city’s sanitation system.

    Now and always, we want you to be confident in knowing that we will be here to help you, especially during these challenging times. We will always be here for our community when it needs us, because that’s the Savage Way, and it has been since 1893.

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    The Savage Way

    We’ve been doing business the Savage Way since 1893. The knowledge, the precision, the innovation, the care for our community, and our commitment to doing the right things the right way, that’s The Savage Way.

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    We’re Hiring! Revit/CAD Technician

    We’re Hiring! Revit/CAD Technician

    We’re Hiring and looking to fill a position for a highly-motivated Revit/CAD Technician to add to our talented CAD/BIM Department. This is a full-time, entry-level position and will fill an immediate need in our department directly working on industrial and commercial Plumbing, HVAC and Piping projects. Please share with anyone who may be interested! All qualified applicants can apply through Indeed:

    Apply Here! 

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    Homeowner’s Tip: Keep the Holiday Cheer by Keeping your Pipes Clear!

    Homeowner’s Tip: Keep the Holiday Cheer by Keeping your Pipes Clear!

    ‘Tis the season for extra visitors in your home, whether it be family visiting or if you hosting a fabulous holiday party with some friends. And just as the highways will increase in traffic, your home’s pipes will also have more traffic, and we want to give you some preventative tips to reduce the risk of traffic jams. 


    There is always that one family member who foolishly puts 10 pounds of potato skins down the disposal, and it’s always a nightmare! In the next few weeks, you and your kitchen are probably working on overtime, and your pipes will be working just as hard! If you are unsure of how to care for your garbage disposal or kitchen sink check out our blog on Disposal Care

    But here is a shortlist of the Kitchen Dos and Don’ts:


    • Don’t put anything down the disposal that you wouldn’t feed to a baby
    • Don’t put anything down the disposal that you wouldn’t put in a blender
    • Don’t put any grease, oils, or fats down the disposal! 
      • This will cause instant clogs in your pipes, and even faster in our cold northern Nevada temperatures during the Fall/Winter months.


    • Utilize a drain trap! That’s a sure way to prevent clogs in your sink!
    • Scrape as much food as you can in the trash can first!


    It is probably one of everyone’s worst nightmares, using the restroom during a party and the bathroom clogs! To save your guests the embarrassment and the hassle of you dealing with a major party fail here are some helpful preventative tips:


    • Supply a lower ply of toilet paper. 
      • Sometimes the thickness of the toilet paper can even cause a clog, and if you plan to have a lot of people at your house and have limited bathrooms available, toilet paper can easily cause clogs.
    • Post a sign asking guests to refrain from flushing anything other than toilet paper down the drain.
    • Have your clean up items readily available in case a clog happens while you are hosting so can quickly manage the issue and get back to the party.

    But if a crisis happens to hit, we have 24/7 Emergency Services and we’re here to help solve your issue!

    Call us at (775) 828-4193 and one of the trusted and skilled plumbing technicians will be there to help!

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