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  • Washlets – Safe, Environmentally Friendly, Economical

    According to Business Insider, “Americans use over 34 million rolls of toilet paper every day, or equivalent to 15 million trees per year”, which wastes our valuable resources that lead to environmental impacts.

    Washing your body with water is effective, comfortable, and refreshing, and it works the same way with a TOTO Washlet or bidet!

    If you are interested in a Washlet for your home, you can place an order with our Showroom, and we can install it for you! We are offering $20 off our installation of the Washlet. Call us at (775) 828-4193 for more information!


    TOTO S550e Washlet Features:

    • EWATER+® on wand and bowl
    • WASHLET cleansing with 5 spray settings
    • Premist on the bowl before each use
    • Built-in air deodorizing system
    • Auto open/close
    • Night Light
    • Adjustable water and seat temperatures
    • Warm-air dryer
    • Easy-to-read illuminated remote control
    • Convenient magnetic wall mounted cradle
    • Compact and slim design
    • 2-user personal memory settings
    • Self-Cleaning Water Wand
    • Instantaneous water heating
    • WASHLET fits only WASHLET+ model toilets
    • Available with AutoFlush Compatibility (See Available Options above)

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