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  • Homeowners’ Tip: How to Clean your Dishwasher

    Homeowners’ Tip: How to Clean your Dishwasher

    The dishwasher, something you don’t usually have on your shortlist of cleaning chores and is often forgotten. But it is one of the easiest cleaning tasks to do in your kitchen and the best part is, you can multitask and get other items on your todo list done. Here are some helpful tips to washing away grease and grime and removing musty odors.

    • Start with an empty dishwasher
    • Inspect the drain and make sure it is clear of any food/waste
    • Run your garbage disposal before starting the dishwasher, and the dishwasher drains into the same pipe as your sink, so you will want to make sure that drain is clear
    • Place a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container on the upper rack of the machine. The vinegar loosens up food particles, soap scum and grease that builds up on the dishwasher’s walls and racks and then it gets washed down the drain.
    • Run the dishwasher through a hot-water cycle.
    • Always make sure that you keep the drain beneath the lower rack clear and check it after each cycle while unloading your clean dishes. Keep the drain clean and clear to avoid any unfortunate smells or clogged drainage and keep your dishwasher operating to its maximum potential.
    • You can maintain the freshness in between washing cycles by spraying the inside of your dishwasher with white vinegar.

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