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  • Protect Your Reno-Tahoe Home’s Water All From Your Phone!

    Secure your home’s water and protect it from leaks and bursting pipes – all from your phone!


    One of the reasons we all love living in the Reno-Tahoe area is to be able to experience all four seasons. But while we enjoy the versatility of weather, our homes have to be equipped and prepared for a lot of adjusting temperatures and changing seasonal climates. 

    As temperatures drop, the pressure of our air and water fluctuates, constricts, and contracts. This is something important for residents of the Reno-Tahoe region to be aware of to ensure the safety of the piping and the home.

    “Bursting water pipes are a major concern when winter temperatures drop. But why do the pipes burst? It’s all about pressure. As water becomes ice, this causes an immense amount of water pressure to build between the ice blockage and fixtures — eventually, causing the pipe to burst under the pressure.

    Flo by Moen alerts to pressure and temperature changes in the water, which can help avoid catastrophe. Water pressure in your home is like blood pressure in your body. As high blood pressure puts stress on parts of your body and can cause serious problems, the same is true for the home — high water pressure is serious stress being applied to the entire home’s plumbing. Left untreated, high water pressure can cause bursts in pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Just like a balloon when there’s too much air pressure… BURST!” – Moen

    When the weather and temperature changes, you will want to know what is going on behind the wall, and now you can monitor your home’s water systems from your smartphone or tablet! The Flo by Moen offers an all-in-one security system for your home’s water that will help prevent water damage, leaks, and waste as small as a drop per minute. Flo is installed on the main water supply line of the home and proactively looks for leaks and other vulnerabilities. If your Flo by Moen smart valve detects a leak in your home’s water system, push notifications will be sent to your smartphone via the Flo by Moen app available on iOS and Android, giving you the ability to shut off the water remotely! The system is also capable of sending text messages, emails, and calls to users.

    Some people may already be proactive about this and have leak detectors for their home, but what good is leak detection if you can’t turn off the water?

     Flo will help you detect issues such as damage, burst pipes, mold behind walls, and unexplained water bills. 

    You can feel at ease knowing that you can check on your home from anywhere that you can connect, and if something is leaking, you’re able to turn off your home’s main water line home in the Reno-Tahoe. And, if something catastrophic were to happen and you aren’t able to connect, Flo is smart enough to turn it off itself! 

    “Most water meters (and leak detection systems) can’t detect small drips of water. That’s problematic because those small drips are key early indicators of big problems like pipe bursts, and those same small drips can equate to more than 100,000 gallons per year of water released behind walls, in ceilings or underneath slabs, which can cause mold and other problems”. – Moen

    “Water damage in homes is a leading cause of preventable homeowner’s insurance claims every year, more likely than theft and fire damage combined. Flo by Moen’s water monitoring and shut-off system is proven to reduce the likelihood of major water damage dramatically”. – Moen

    Are you interested in getting a Flo installed at your home and having the ability to monitor what’s going on behind your walls?

    Give us a call to schedule your appointment in our Showroom today to learn more information, order, and have it installed by our skilled technicians and be that much closer to having one less thing to worry about!

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