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  • Planning Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel: Big Box Versus Showroom

    Planning Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel: Big Box Versus Showroom

    Planning Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel:

    Big Box Versus Showroom

    If you are planning or already in the process of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom remodel, you are expectedly doing your due diligence and shopping around to make sure you are getting the best possible option within your budget. Frequently, we get caught up on the price because it’s what the budget allows, which is understandable, but it’s also essential to think about years down the road to make sure you are making an investment that will last. The quality of the product and its longevity is equally as important as the price. While researching, you will sometimes find that big box stores will have bathroom and kitchen fixture options at a lower cost than in a Plumbing Product Showroom, such as ours. But there are differences with the showroom product model and the big box model, and more differences than meets the eye. In fact, sometimes you will find the same fixture with the same product code but at a different cost. Here are a few reasons why:

    Product Quality

    At the big box stores, the product may look the same, the box may look the same, even have the same model number, but the part numbers could be different, so it’s possible to sell at a lower price. A cheaper price usually means that the parts are made of plastic instead of brass. Sometimes it’s a noticeable weight difference by even turning on a faucet and feeling how it turns on and off. These fixtures will be supporting a constant flow of water and will need the durability to last longer than just the foreseeable future. All of our products sold in our Showroom have a metal finish versus painted plastic, better internal brass fittings instead of plastic fittings, and better quality cartridges and wall supply lines that are stronger for leak prevention versus the thinner versions. Appliances with metal parts are best for the fixtures behind the wall; the stuff that’s behind the walls does the real work. Good quality products will decrease your cost of use and save you money over time. Install a product that is built and made to last, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.

    Showroom Perks

    Chances are you haven’t run into a professional plumber at a big box store too often, and this decision is challenging to make without expert advice. You can schedule an appointment in our Showroom and have the reserved time to speak about your project while actual plumbers are walking around the building. You can make this decision with people who have expert knowledge about the operation of the product, space where it will be installed, and the confidence that everything flows the correct way. After making a few house calls, you start to see what works and what doesn’t work.

    During your Showroom appointment, you will get personalized service and guidance during these exciting yet decision-filled times, while someone is genuinely listening to your needs for your project. Visiting our Showroom will be just as convenient as a big box store, and could arguably be more comfortable because you have reserved time for just your project and have the opportunity to explore the products that will best fit the look and function of your space. In our Showroom, we offer a level of expertise and product variety that none of the big box stores can match and our years of experience will provide you with a level of knowledge that is unmatched.

    Whether you are a DIY’er and plan to install this yourself or you want Savage and Son to be your one-stop-shop, you will get the best quality products that will fit in your short term and long term budgets.

    Product Warranty

    Purchasing the product through a Plumbing Product Showroom will get you the full manufacturer’s warranty, which is a huge value in itself. Most of the cheaper versions will have a shorter warranty, and it will be through the store/retailer versus the manufacturer. By purchasing the product in a Plumbing Showroom will get the full manufacturer’s warranty for the product purchased and it is simple to warranty the maintenance, repair or replacement if the product should ever need it down the road.

    PLUS, if you have Savage and Son install the fixture, you will have a warranty for both the product and the installation of the product! Some like to install themselves, and some are very capable, however being in the business of plumbing repair, we see many issues and service calls for the people who have installed the product themselves and unfortunately if it was installed themselves only the product itself is under warranty. We are here to be your plumbing expert before, during, and after your project.

    You can take your chances at purchasing from a big box store knowing the risk of replacing it at a full cost down the road or you can make your purchase through our Showroom, have us install it and feel confident knowing that you have a good quality fixture, built to last and secured with a warranty for the future. Projects can get expensive, but we recommend looking to cut costs and save money in other areas of the project, if possible. We want to do it once and do it right.

    Make your appointment with Kelly here or by calling (775) 828-4193 to visit our 2,500 square foot Showroom located at 3101 Yori Avenue, Reno and start feeling at ease with your future decisions. Our goal is to make all of your bathroom and kitchen dreams a reality.

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